A day out in Edinburgh

SceneryIn honour of my 23rd birthday, my friend and I decided to get the train up to Edinburgh for a day of wining, dining and of course shopping! We set off from Newcastle donned in our most summery outfits with a Starbucks fruit smoothie in hand. I’d not been to Edinburgh since I was a littlin’, so I was pretty excited to explore the city, especially the shops (Oliver Bonas was literally bellowing my name).

edinburgh 1

The sun was shining in the morning and so we spent some time milling around Princess Street Gardens and taking some not-at-all-cheesy pictures before heading for Afternoon tea. We went to an extravagant place called The Dome and indulged in finger sandwiches with their crusts cut off, fruit scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and a selection of tasty cakes, including a to-die-for pistachio macaron. My friend stuck to traditional breakfast tea, but feeling adventurous, I opted for a pot of Red Berry tea which was sweet and juicy and delicious – I’d definitely recommend it.

The Dome 5 The Dome 4 The Dome 3 The Dome 2 The Dome 1

Our experience at The Dome was certainly one to remember, as two Geordie lasses, we were far from prepared for the hushed dining room and delicate china, but once we figured out how to correctly use our tea strainers we basked in the experienced and behaved like the ladies we were born to be (pinkies up and all).

Oliver Bonas 1 Oliver Bonas 2

After high tea, we spent a significant amount of time on a wild goose chase trying to locate Oliver Bonas, which incidentally turned out to be round the corner from the place we started. Once we located the mothership we must have spent over an hour exploring every inch of the store. I wanted everything; the pineapple trinket box; the pastel cushions; the decorative suitcases; and the gorgeous pink accent chair. I restrained myself from blowing an entires month wage and left pleased as punch with an Elderflower Fizz Candle, a Ginger & Lime Handwash and the promise of an online order in my near future.

Another store we paid a visit to was Anthropology, I didn’t buy anything, but I could certainly fancy myself with some of those rose-gold trimmed plates!

Boozy Cow

All that shopping was thirsty work and having concluded that is was 5 ‘o’ clock somewhere it only seemed polite to indulge in some cocktails. We came across a quirky bar called the boozy cow located underground on Frederick street. This was polar opposite from our elegant afternoon tea experience, but the cocktails were delicious! My fave was a Vodka, raspberry and elderflower concoction called Pink Angel.

Several beverages later, we emerged from underground to find the heavens had opened which was far from ideal considering our outfit choices, nevertheless, we soldiered on in the miserable weather, browsing some familiar high street stores.  Later on in the evening, we stopped at Chiquitos for fajitas and you guessed it, more cocktails. We caught the train back to Newcastle, but not before investing in some pink souvenir socks to keep our rain-soaked feet cosy on the journey home.

Overall a grand day out! Let me know if you’ve been to Edinburgh, or which city  you would recommend for a day trip?

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Summer wardrobe overhaul

Before - Unbearable chaos!
Before – Unbearable chaos!

I’m lucky enough to have a spare room that I can use as my ‘dressing room’, however over time its turned out to be a space for junk and clutter to accumulate (as you can see by the before picture). With a week off work, I decided a little wardrobe overhaul was way overdue, and so I have transformed the chaos into in a well-organised space for me to get dressed in. This mini project has actually inspired me to totally transform the room – so stay tuned for a home makeover post coming soon!

I had so many clothes that were old, out of season or just uninspiring, so I began by making three piles; Stuff to keep; stuff to get rid of; and stuff to store. I ended up with four bin bags full of items I didn’t want! I donated the majority to a local charity shop, and the tatty stuff was binned.

I stored my out of season items in vacuum pack bags, not only to save on hanging space but to keep them free from dust while not in use. I separated my clothing into separate bags for summer and winter, of course I don’t need my thick jumpers in June, but unfortunately, due to the classic British weather I won’t be needing my shorts and bikinis anytime soon either (‘til I get my holiday booked, anyway!).

Vaccum Pack

Lastly, I hung the rest of my items. I like to organise things according to what they are (dresses, tops etc.) as well as by colour, as I find this the most efficient way to keep track of everything. I also flipped my hangers the wrong way round, so that I can keep track of what I’m wearing. I’m keen to jump on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon, but I need to be thoughtful about the items I should discard and things I need to add. By keeping track of what I’m wearing, I should be able to assess my closet needs over the next month or two.

Shoes Overview

Future Plan

  • Reevaluate closet in one month to determine what I do and do not need in my wardrobe.
  • Consider a feature rail to display full outfits and to prep fashion choices on a weekly basis.
  • Use Pinterest to gather ideas to transform the room from an empty shell to a functioning dressing room.

Let me know in the comment how you like to organise your closet space, your thoughts on dressing rooms and if you have tried a capsule wardrobe?

Lauren xo 

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