Summer wardrobe overhaul

Before - Unbearable chaos!
Before – Unbearable chaos!

I’m lucky enough to have a spare room that I can use as my ‘dressing room’, however over time its turned out to be a space for junk and clutter to accumulate (as you can see by the before picture). With a week off work, I decided a little wardrobe overhaul was way overdue, and so I have transformed the chaos into in a well-organised space for me to get dressed in. This mini project has actually inspired me to totally transform the room – so stay tuned for a home makeover post coming soon!

I had so many clothes that were old, out of season or just uninspiring, so I began by making three piles; Stuff to keep; stuff to get rid of; and stuff to store. I ended up with four bin bags full of items I didn’t want! I donated the majority to a local charity shop, and the tatty stuff was binned.

I stored my out of season items in vacuum pack bags, not only to save on hanging space but to keep them free from dust while not in use. I separated my clothing into separate bags for summer and winter, of course I don’t need my thick jumpers in June, but unfortunately, due to the classic British weather I won’t be needing my shorts and bikinis anytime soon either (‘til I get my holiday booked, anyway!).

Vaccum Pack

Lastly, I hung the rest of my items. I like to organise things according to what they are (dresses, tops etc.) as well as by colour, as I find this the most efficient way to keep track of everything. I also flipped my hangers the wrong way round, so that I can keep track of what I’m wearing. I’m keen to jump on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon, but I need to be thoughtful about the items I should discard and things I need to add. By keeping track of what I’m wearing, I should be able to assess my closet needs over the next month or two.

Shoes Overview

Future Plan

  • Reevaluate closet in one month to determine what I do and do not need in my wardrobe.
  • Consider a feature rail to display full outfits and to prep fashion choices on a weekly basis.
  • Use Pinterest to gather ideas to transform the room from an empty shell to a functioning dressing room.

Let me know in the comment how you like to organise your closet space, your thoughts on dressing rooms and if you have tried a capsule wardrobe?

Lauren xo 

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