Summer wardrobe overhaul

Before - Unbearable chaos!
Before – Unbearable chaos!

I’m lucky enough to have a spare room that I can use as my ‘dressing room’, however over time its turned out to be a space for junk and clutter to accumulate (as you can see by the before picture). With a week off work, I decided a little wardrobe overhaul was way overdue, and so I have transformed the chaos into in a well-organised space for me to get dressed in. This mini project has actually inspired me to totally transform the room – so stay tuned for a home makeover post coming soon!

I had so many clothes that were old, out of season or just uninspiring, so I began by making three piles; Stuff to keep; stuff to get rid of; and stuff to store. I ended up with four bin bags full of items I didn’t want! I donated the majority to a local charity shop, and the tatty stuff was binned.

I stored my out of season items in vacuum pack bags, not only to save on hanging space but to keep them free from dust while not in use. I separated my clothing into separate bags for summer and winter, of course I don’t need my thick jumpers in June, but unfortunately, due to the classic British weather I won’t be needing my shorts and bikinis anytime soon either (‘til I get my holiday booked, anyway!).

Vaccum Pack

Lastly, I hung the rest of my items. I like to organise things according to what they are (dresses, tops etc.) as well as by colour, as I find this the most efficient way to keep track of everything. I also flipped my hangers the wrong way round, so that I can keep track of what I’m wearing. I’m keen to jump on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon, but I need to be thoughtful about the items I should discard and things I need to add. By keeping track of what I’m wearing, I should be able to assess my closet needs over the next month or two.

Shoes Overview

Future Plan

  • Reevaluate closet in one month to determine what I do and do not need in my wardrobe.
  • Consider a feature rail to display full outfits and to prep fashion choices on a weekly basis.
  • Use Pinterest to gather ideas to transform the room from an empty shell to a functioning dressing room.

Let me know in the comment how you like to organise your closet space, your thoughts on dressing rooms and if you have tried a capsule wardrobe?

Lauren xo 

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ASOS Haul | June 2016

As a self proclaimed ASOS-O-HOLIC, it was not surprising that I could’t resist the 20% discount they graced us with last bank holiday Monday. I was pretty selective and managed to whittle my ever-growing wish list down to just four purchases.

DressesI’ve been seeing shirt dresses everywhere recently and so I decided to pick up this River Island design. The grey stripe pattern and midi length are ideal for a British summer. I adore the pretty details that this dress has, like the rose gold buttons and drawstring waist ribbon, which looks really feminine when tied off in a bow. I also love the open shirt collar and little pockets, I think it oozes sophistication!

The second dress I picked up is an all rounder, the lightweight knit material will be ideal for winter with thick tights, as well as being perfect for the warmer months paired with Birkenstocks and a denim jacket. The breton stripe design is timeless, and so I’m certain this will be in my wardrobe for years to come.


These earrings are everything I love at the moment, marble and gold! I fell in love with the quirky hoop back, which gives them an extra unique look. You could also swap out the hoop for regular clasps and wear them as simple marble studs – a diverse addition to my jewellery collection.

Lace up flats Lace up flats 2

I’ve been after a pair of lace up flats for ever! This patent dolly shoe design from Glamorous are exactly what i’ve been looking for. The pointed toe and silver heel are pretty little details that should never be overlooked and the fine lace-up is subtle enough for casual wear.



As always there are a few pieces that remain saved on my ASOS account, that were definite contenders. Number four was one of the first pieces I saw, but unfortunately was out of stock in my size – I will definitely be keeping a look out for it coming back in stock!

Let me know what you have picked up at ASOS recently, and if you have recently done a haul, please do send a link!

Lauren xo

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